We are well-connected women. Wives and girlfriends, sisters, friends and partners.  We are moms and daughters, co-workers and colleagues. We take pictures and make movies. We tweet and text and instagram and get way too many emails.  We have a love-hate relationship with our phones but mostly we can't imagine our lives without one.  

But we were fed up.  Fed up with leaving our phone in a bathroom stall, under a car seat or at the table.  We had enough of our phones sliding out of a pocket or radiating uncomfortably under our waistband.  No more fumbling to hold a drink or struggling with a too small clutch because now we have the iThigh.

We designed the iThigh to be a comfortable, sophisticated and chic solution to keep you connected to your world.  We want you to feel confident, sexy and stylish.  We want to help make your life just a little bit easier.

Who are we?  We are women making smartphones sexy and garters useful.


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